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The Key to Looking Good is Feeling Good

Here are our top 5 ways to step up your self-care regiment to feel good from the inside out...

Start your weekends on the right foot to sustain the good vibes through your weekend and into your week. Check out our top favorite ways we stay feeling good on a Friday from head to toe. 



DUH! Dance our butts off to our favorite playlists. The number one because it is ALWAYS a good idea to get the feel good vibes flowing. Try pressing play on our Feeling Good playlist HERE curated by DJ KYMÅ to get your body moving and your feet grooving. 



Never meditated before? No biggie! Check out INSCAPE's audio-guided meditation iOS app to help get you started. Just click HERE to get you feeling good from the inside out! 


Prepare a comfortable seat and soak your feet with a couple drops of your favorite essential oil blends in a tub of warm water. Pop on your headphones, enjoy a 10-20 minute meditation or pick up that book, sit back, soak and relax. Add citrus like lemon and orange for a pick me up, peppermint to cool, refresh and revitalize or lavender and chamomile to chill out and calm down. Put a spoon full of coconut oil to any blend to moisturize. 

Carol suede slip-on with Pommello fruit



Grab a book. A real book. Put down your phone. Slip off your shoes. Lay in the sun. And Read. It's the simple things in life that bring us back to how good it feels to explore our imaginations. 



Take a walk on the wild side or just take a walk in nature. Admire the greenery and the scenery or buy yourself a plant friend. Don't have a green thumb? Check out THIS cool Brooklyn based plant subscription service called horti that will teach you how to nourish and flourish right along with your new plant pal.

 Bruna suede platform espadrille with succulents by Verbenas USA


The key to any successful self-care regiment is balance and consistency.

Take care of you so that you can keep feeling good and sharing that goodness with your friends and family.  


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